This Year's Speaker

David Parker serves as the founder, Chairman and CEO of Covenant Logistics Group, which is an over $900 million enterprise with a network of 17 warehouses and over 2400 trucks and 5300 trailers moving up and down our nation’s highways. Parker has steered Covenant through economic downturns and gas rationing while developing a reputation as an unabashed Christian in a dog-eat-dog industry. Just as God made covenants with people and nations in the Bible, Parker says that he made a covenant with God in how he would run the business, "Over thirty years ago my wife, Jacqueline and I founded this company based on Christian beliefs and values. We’ve built this company to lead the industry with honesty and integrity and are steadfast in our virtues.” Covenant’s core principles include treating others as you would want to be treated, putting others before yourself, and acting with integrity and honesty in all business dealings in order to fulfill the true purpose of business—to be an engine of blessing.